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Pramartha has extensive global reach and strong industry network across the world with leading consultants and experts delivering their knowledge and expertise in providing business solutions to its clients.The unique business model of Pramartha is tailored to provide the best services to each client or project. The company is built on the philosophy of share and gain. Pramartha provides Consulting and Advisory service across all sectors. 

             The various Consulting Services offered by Pramartha are:

  • New Business Planning & Opportunity Evaluations
  • Advising merger & acquisition and restructuring transactions
  • Foreign licensing 
  • Joint Ventures
  • Capital Raising and VC Funding
  • Franchise Consulting Services
  • Government Project Consulting
  • Infrastructure and energy Consulting
  • Brand Management and Valuation
  • Charities and Trust Formation and Structuring
  • BPO and KPO consulting and advisory Services
  • Debt Syndication

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