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Actuarial Science is a method by which corporations determine, assess and plan for the financial impact of risk. Actuaries use mathematical and statistical models to evaluate risk in the insurance and finance industries. In addition to mathematical and statistical methods, actuaries call upon other fields including probability, finance, economics and computer programming to create actuarial models. Actuarial science is used to evaluate and predict future payouts for insurance and other financial industries such as the pension industry.

Pramartha uses various actuarial models and analytical tools that help our valued clients quantify, evaluate, and manage the costs associated with their insurance and risk management programs. We specialize in a number of areas.

Following are the focus areas of Pramartha:
  • Asset Liability Modeling (ALM)
  • Liability Index & LDI strategies
  • Solvency II related services
  • Gratuity and other Employee Benefit Valuation
  • Pricing of Insurance Products
  • Management of insurable risks,
  • Selection and Evaluation of insurance contracts
  • Design of Pension Plans and valuation of their costs and commitments
  • Embedded Value Calculation for Insurance IPO's, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.
  • Takaful and other Islamic product related services
  • Micro insurance related services